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Manapparai Murukku

Manapparai_MurukkuOnce if a word Manapparai is heard by a person instantaneously he must renunciate murukku. From historical long back the edible specially prepared from rice flour with some little bit additives is tastier than the product prepared at some other areas. The secret behind it is not yet disclosed. This is more

Manapparai bullock market

Manapparai_Cow, மணப்பாறை மாடுOne of the majestic and gigantic appearances of bulls can be seen at Manapparai Bull market assembling on every Wednesday. The origin and typical type of marketing technology is dates back to historical period when there was an exchange of articles instead of money. Now it gets flourishment . more

Manapparai Milk Cova

Manapparai Taluk diary development societies are the highest milk producers in Tamilnadu and they are sending the milk to various agencies like Aavin. From here thousands of litters of milk supplied to other areas after proper preservative methods adopted. In addition with that the excess milk after supplying are distributed through milk vendors to the door steps of all consumers. more

Invasion of Portuguese at First time

Manaparai_HistoryFrom the records of Rome on can observe that the portugese people invaded to Manapparai taluk in the historical past. They first landed in this area at Malayadipatty and also at Vadakku Serpatty. There they had left the remains of very old Church at Malayadipatty and Watchman tower, water tanks for horses and other administrative buildings at Vadakku Serpatty. more

Maniankurichi Temple Thiruvadhirai

Siva_Temple_Manaparai Maniankurichi Lord Siva temple. So much of people from Manapparai Taluk and other parts of the Trichy district were gathered there and celebrated the festival. One of the notable event that the Paarvathi dheviar getting angry on Lord siva was shown in that festival by means of Paarvathi dheviar blocking Lord Siva.... more   

Manapparai Mariamman Kovil festival

Every year the Mariamman festival is celebrated in the month of May that is on First Sunday of that month. It will be started probably on the third Sunday of April. But it is calculated in terms of Tamil calendar Chithirai and Vaigasi. ... more
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