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MANAPARAI MURUKKU மணப்பாறை முருக்கு

            The softest edible item prepared from rice flour with little bit of additional things, available at Manaparai is world famous one from endless past. Even till today some people living near Manaparai Railway station hereditarily doing the same business with same quality. It costs very less that is Re.1/per item. From poor to rich everybody likes it for its taste.

            The same Murukku tried to prepare in other areas couldn’t meet the similar taste. Machine made Murukkus are not at all get similar taste so there is a need of manual preparation. Cottage Industries only doing the manufacturing work so this couldn’t be meet the global market due to lack of major productions. Any how the world famous Murukku can be had from Manaparai alone.

  MANAPARAI COW & BULL MARKET (மாட்டு சந்தை)

Cows from Manaparai So called “Miss Manaparai”, nobody could see such a beautiful structured slightly bent two horned ash grey whitish astonishing look Cow any where in the world. one of the largest Cow & Bull Market in Southern Districts. Manapparai_Santhai, Manapparai_Cow_Market

            Not so bulky and slim a medium range shining cow, producing tasty milk available here. Now the production of milk is surplus and is send to Aavin Trichy. Excess milk utilized to make Milkcova. At the movement of making Milkcova (“Palcova”)   everything gets vanished due to fast moving sales. Highly protein rich quality Milkcova is available only at Manaparai Diary Development centers and Co-operative Milk Societies.

Peak Sales in Wednesday market - 1200 cows. (One Day)



Manapparai Milk Cova

Manapparai taluk diary development societies are the highest milk producers in Tamilnadu and they are sending the milk to various agencies like Aavin. From here thousands of litters of milk supplied to other areas after proper preservative methods adopted. In addition with that the excess milk after supplying are distributed through milk vendors to the door steps of all consumers. Even after the distribution of a large quantum of milks are distributed that are utilized to prepare MilkCova without any adulteration. So it is highly applicable for children nourishment. The Milkcova are mostly available at the society shops in the morning, after a short while of preparation everything will be sold. So people are always rushing there to catch up at the earliest.

Those who want to purchase more they have to order in advance.

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