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Manavai Kutralam (Swimming Pool)

SEA trust at Manapparai started a most auspicious and pleasant swimming pool and meditation pyramid particularly for budding blooms to entertain in Manavai Kutralam. This has been founded by Y.Pankiraj fine arts master, the chairman of the trust. The sculptures found here are made up of woods are also the creative magnum presentation of Y.Pankiraj. It provides a cool swimming facility to entrain them by means of the apt facilities provided. The Pyramid available here is the prima facie to all to get meditation and the place is attracting more people to sit a little while to get cordial pleasure. People once attending there are returning back again and again because of that most glory present in the pyramid not to disclose in terms of words, but only by means of experience they had.


The cost of entry per half an hour is Rs. 30/- only.
For more details contact : 9965897649
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