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Agastheeswarar | Easwaran Koil |Shree Nallandavarar | Poorvathi Koil | Six Face Murugan in Poorvathi Koil | Holy Church | Portugees Church


Agastheeswarar Temple: அகஸ்தீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம்

Agastheesvarar_AlayamThis temple is 2 Kms away from Manapparai towards Trichy Main Road. It is wonderful temple situated at the top of a hill. It has some famous statues of LordSiva, Guru, Chandaran, Suriyan and some rare statues which are normally found very rare. Pradosham is celebrated very grandly here. Some inscriptions found on southern side walls illuatrate that the temples of Kodumbalore and This one may be of same period. From the Kurukkal we came to know that the temple was made at the time of "Chera regim". This temple has a subway to connect with other two Siva temples of Manaparai.                     



Easwaran Koil ஈஸ்வரன் கோவில் (நாகநாதர்)

Eswaran_KovilEaswaran Koil is located at Center of Manaparai city. It was built before hundreds of years back. Pradosham, Arunagiri nathar festival, and other festivals are celebrated very grantly here. This also believed to be have a subway to connect other Siva temples. The Koil may be constructed during Pandia regim.



Shree Nallandavar Koil ஸ்ரீ நல்லாண்டவர் கோவில்

Nallandavar_KovilShree Nallandavar Koil is flourished in the recent past but the festival made in Tamil Month Adi. on Every friday is the famous function at Manapparai. In the last friday the festival is celebrated very grantly. Phone Number: 04332 267586



Poorvathi Koil பூர்வத்தி கோவில் Poorvathi_Kovil

Found to be constructed in the "Vijayanagara perarasu". Since it was the final siva temple of his throne the name "Poorthy" was given to it. Some thought that the temple is very old "Poorvam" is coined. Anyhow the historical monument still under maintenance is the remarkable one. At the time of "Mahara Nombu" festaival "Vedaperi" goes to Kuttiyapatty for throwing the arrow.

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Six Face Murugan in Poorvathi koil ஆறுமுகமுடைய முருகன் Sixface_murugan

Six faced 12 armed Murugan statue found here. Many bronze idols were taken into government custody and they have not yet been returned to the temple. Inscriptions found on the walls illustrate that the temple was constructed in the historic period.


Holy Church தேவாலயம்

Holy_Church_ManapparaiThe latest church found very near to Portugees Church at Malayadipatti is the remarkable one to compare the past and present history of this area.its so beatiful, in chritian historical it is important place.once upon a time "veerama muniver" was landed in this place and spread out the christianity.and around the area.
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Portuguese Church போர்ட்சு கீசிய தேவாலயம்

PortugeeschurchThe first invasion of christian religious conversion activities started at Malayadipatty. There the Portuguese church found even till today. This is the symbol of St.Thomas, Christian priest who changed almost all Hindus into Christians. Their historic records were believed to be kept in Rome.In chritian culture, it is the important place.




            Ponnar – Sankar brothers lived during 400 years ago probably be Veerapurtween 1641 and 1658 were the sons of Kunnudayan and Thamaraiariya Nachiyar. Who lived in Manaparai area that is at Kavandampatty near Kallamedu, Trichy – Madurai High Ways and they were died near Veerapur 15km from Manaparai. They had holy life with divinity so they believed to be compared with God.

            To memorize the event of fight for morality in their life, even till today Veerapur Festival is Celebrated on “Masi” month after Eighth Day of “Sivarathri” probably between January end to February first week. More than 20lakhs people assembled here to celebrate the festival occasion. Vedapuri Festival on last day is the famous one and on that day alone millions of people get worship in front of the temple of holy lives spoilt their life for moral justice.

            Every year special Transport facilities made to approach the place of worship by Govt. of TamilNadu. Tourism important place every body must see that one when crossing over Manaparai.

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Manianguruchi SIVA TEMPLE

           Sivan_Kovil Most of the Lord Siva temples found at Manaparai area were built during the periods of different reigns. Even some where found to be built by Sidhars. Some were built during the reign of Pallavas, Vijayanagara Perarasu and Chera, Chola and Pandiyas. Three Lord Siva temples found at Manaparai town alone considered to be built by three Kings of Chera, Chola and Pandiyas at their boundary place. Subways between these temples were closed when the temple was rebuilt in the recent past.

            A few Lord Siva Temple are scrambled down and devastated by nature and by demolition during the invasion of different Mogul kings.

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